Solar EPC

With an extensive portfolio of ground mounted solar PV projects, from small private owners to larger agricultural based systems, Vankal has delivered ground mounted PV services across the India for the private and public sectors – with unparalleled commitment to detail and client requirements.

All our ground solar installations utilise top quality superior products and are undertaken by our in house teams combining top project management with effective resource.

A larger scale solar solution for landowners, ground mounted solar panel systems maximize efficiency and electric output.

Innovative PV mounting systems

Supplied and installed in the India by Vankal, the innovative ground screws and Sigma systems are designed to maximise productivity, sustainability, and value for money.

Our ground screws have been adopted as a system of choice on large scale ground mounted systems across the world market and the Sigma system a preferred choice for many medium to small scale private developers.

We also offer customized system alternatives for fast, simple and cost-effective mounting - suitable for ground mounted systems, waste sites, rocky foundations, conversion sites, etc

Utilizing structural analysis software we can design them project-specific. Every system is optimised to meet the wind and snow loads and conditions at a location as well as the geological composition of the ground. Our systems are just as flexible as your requirements.


What we offer?

Turnkey solution for Renewable (Solar)

As the solar energy sector adds up to 2GW annually globally, enterprises and investors require comprehensive design.


Vankal is one of the Leading Electrical Systems Integrators in Solar MW scale Projects with More than 100 MW

Fiber Network

"Dark fiber" is optical fiber infrastructure that is in place but not presently being utilized by its owner.

Project Management

A well trained project execution team lead by excellent supervisors leading to well organised project execution.

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